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About My Creative Work

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. I like to be creative, i like to work with simplicity and elegance. I like to design label, packages, brochures, menus, business cards, books, annual reports, logo design, branding and identity design, packaging design, posters and interface design… not every time the ideea are easy to be brought to life from mind or even from the sketch, I'm not the best all the time, sometime I'm the worst designer. Nobody is perfect and in fact I start to be designer only two years ago.
And I learned everithing by myself.

I really love what I do and I do it well

Print Design

I offer a multitude of print design services: from traditional print items such as stationery and brochure layouts, to more sophisticated projects such as exterior signage and trade-show booths.

Branding Design

I offer a unique combination of comprehensive research and analysis, key messaging and creative design. After completing an in-depth questionnaire. In the end, we present you with a complete branding vision.

Web Design

Whether you’re partnering with me for the full experience or coming to me with your brand and strategy already in hand, my web design and development process will cumulate to an effective online solution tailored for your business.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive web design is the principle that focuses on presenting as much information as possible in one window to reduce the amount of panning, scrolling, or resizing.

    Responsive web design experts are available to implement this principle on your website, allowing it to be easily and effectively viewed from any device.
    These web design experts are skilled and capable of building and designing your content from the ground up or helping integrate a previously designed website into a more responsive style. I'm a freelance web designers available to work remotely on as many websites as your business has.

  • You know what you want

    And I know how to make it work for you. Let’s talk, no strings attached.

    You can meet in person, over the phone or via email to discuss your ideas. From there, I take it to work out your personal solution.

    I’ll keep you updated throughout the build process to make sure you're 100% happy at every step.
    Once the day has been saved and your site has been thoroughly tested, we’ll run it by you once again before going live.
    I’ll always be there when you need me. Should you find yourself in need of further assistance, you’ll always have a direct line to me.

I'm really good at designing ! Just ask my mom

  • Logo & Label

    A label (as distinct from signage) is a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product or item. Information printed directly on a container or article can also be considered labeling.

    Packaging Design

    Packaging is something we're bombarded with on a daily basis. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, especially with trends in industrial design now demanding biodegradable or renewable packaging.

    Creative Ideas

    Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.

  • Promotional Design

    It is one of the four basic elements of the market mix, which includes the four P's: price, product, promotion, and place. Promotion is also defined as one of five pieces in the promotional mix or promotional plan. These are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity

    Web Design

    Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

    Logo Sketch

    Logo design and branding has a language all it’s own. If you are thinking of launching a business, you will need a logo and a few new terms to add to your internal dictionary. As a small business owner you don’t need to be a branding expert, but it is important to understand basic logo terms to communicate effectively with your marketing team.

  • Poster Design

    A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative.

    Brand Guide

    Basically, a brand guide is a manual that explains and usually also shows how a brand is to be expressed verbally and visually when you are creating sales, marketing, and other materials on behalf of a brand.


    Stationery is a mass noun referring to commercially manufactured writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous form paper, and other office supplies. Stationery includes materials to be written on by hand or by equipment.

Just click the images, you'll see my magic!

In others’ words, the person that admire what I do

  • Ștefan Brătianu - TED Adventure

    Ștefan Brătianu

    “We were looking for a logo and a website with a touch of modernism for our TED Adventure project. CAPROCHE grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. When feedback was needed, new versions of the logo or any modifications were made very quickly. We really appreciated CAPROCHE's flexibility and efficiency. It’s great to work with someone so open-minded and responsive. Thank you!”

    Angela Ion - TED Adventure

    Angela Ion

    We had been looking for a graphic designer for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our taste.
    Finally, when I discovered CAPROCHE through a Facebook, it appeared likely that such a passionate designer would be the partner we had been looking for — which became obvious as soon as we started working together.

    Chez Monique - Sweet Club Low Carn No Sugar

    Chez Monique

    Need to a online presence led me to CAPROCHE, where right from the start it was his goal to get inside my head and understand what I want, and how we wanted to be perceived. After a few back-and-forth discussions, CAPROCHE went to work, only to come back with a brilliant set of designs. I was happy that he was able to wrap himself around, and understand my need.

  • Style by Ralu

    Raluca Creangă

    I’ve always appreciated a good logo, but never invested quite enough time or resources to have one of our own that matched my aspirations. Now, thanks to CAPROCHE’s skill and for sure logo design is definitely a skill, I have a design we can be proud of. And not just a logo, also beautiful Facebook page, posters, flayers and other.

    Siram Software

    Silviu Saulea

    Our business needed to update our logo in a short time period. I was familiar with CAPROCHE’s work, but not sure if he could work with our time frame. To my delight, CAPROCHE accepted the project and quickly completed a fantastic design. We feel he understood our goals and created a great logo we can use for a long, long time. More of that, we have now a full Brand Identity.

    Ioana Nedelcu

    Ioana Nedelcu

    To my delight, CAPROCHE comes up with the right concept for my ideas because he invests the time necessary to build an intuition about your work. I really don’t know how many graphic artists do this, but CAPROCHE it shows! The two years that we worked together, was a joy. For me, it was wonderful to have a person involved that understood my ideas.

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